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Express Scripts is based in North America operating as “PBM” or what it is called a pharmacy benefit management and “SAAS” or Specialty and Ancillary Services. The services under PBM includes; compliance and therapy management, retail network pharmacy management, benefit desi... read more >
If cancer makes you count your days on earth, relax. There's reason to live again. Cancer Defeated Publications is a one-stop source for all of your cancer needs. They research, investigate and report about different cancer treatments, an endeavor that has helped rank them #1 as the world's cancer i... read more >
Dr. Fuhrman is a board–certified family physician, best-selling author and nutritional researcher who is an expert in preventing and reversing disease through nutritional and natural methods. Eat For Health is a medical breakthrough because without this fascinating information you are des... read more >
Bel Marra Nutritionals offer high-quality vitamins and nutritional supplements designed to address a wide variety of specific health concerns. Bel Marra Nutritionals has a panel of doctors to lend their expert advise and provide you with well-researched information and health news. They offer the f... read more >
Invite Health is an online retailer that sells vitamins and health suppliments for the whole family. Invite Health offers their customers products for all their health needs whether it is weight gain control or weight loss, healthy heart medications, multi vitamins for adults and children,... read more >
The company Biogetica represents the coming together of Doctors, Healers and Scientists from numerous traditions including Allopathy, Bio-Energetics, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Chinese medicine, Yogic Sciences, and Quantum Physics. Their mission is to provide incorporated natural solutions that lead you ... read more >
Save Our Bones is a website owned and managed by Vivian Goldschmidt.  Through this website, Vivian sells The save Our Bones Program, a complete osteopenia and osteoporosis system that she created.  The objective of this program is to help those with osteoporosis to regain their bone health... read more >
SmithMD is a US based company that deals in health care products.  The main products that this company deals in are tinnitus relief solutions.  Tinnitus is a condition that causes constant pain, buzzing and ringing in the ears.  If the problem is persistent, it could lead to stress, i... read more > is a subsidiary of, radiologist-run and operated full-service subspecialty radiology and teleradiology company. It provides second opinion on radiological test reports like MRI, CT, Mammography, Ultrasound, X-ray and nuclear radiology. Obtaining expert second opinion before final... read more >
Controlyourhealth is the most popular website in the US for the people who are very serious about their health. It is a network marketing companies specializing in natural products as well as medical products also. Controlyourhealth offers a systematic approach to physical improvement and financial ... read more >
Latest Consumer Guides is best known for their lawyer reviews covering 97% of all attorneys in the United States, but they also offer many legal services at various fees. Legal Zoom also offers many legal services with an experienced lawyer for differing fees with prices starting at $39. FindLaw offers legal serv...
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These three online telehealth services all offer great medical advice and help in all fields of both medical and mental health issues. American Well lists their prices clearly and offer telephone, desktop or mobile apps for a consultation. HealthTap has over 100,000 doctors listed that you can choos...
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HealthTap will work best for those on the go who want to get quick but accurate info from real doctors through mobile apps like the Apple Watch. For those who want more detailed answers from specialists, Doctors on Demand will be a better choice since they have board certified doctors according to t...
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Asked by Med724 40 months ago in | 3 answers
Last answer by Julia David 28 months ago: Keep an eye on this and if the pain or tingling continues it may be the beginning of DVT. This is very painful and pain pills do not help. I have had it for over 2 years and the doctor was slow to diagnose it until I was in critical shape. Mine started with a sudden onset of calf pain and ... read more
Asked by George Harrington 34 months ago in | 1 answers
Last answer by Judith Barton 29 months ago: The first thing one should do when experiencing chest pain is to consult a doctor. If you believe you are having a heart attack, call 911 if you live in an area with that emergency response service or call an ambulance. If after consulting a doctor he confirms that you are having digestive issues su... read more
Asked by vikrant prasad 29 months ago in | 1 answers
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As a cigarette smoker, there's no doubt that you realize that smoking cigarettes is dangerous to your health and that quitting is recommended by most healthcare professionals. Maybe you've noticed lately that more and more people are kicking the tobacco habit and are instead smoking e-cigarettes or ...
Asked by Lovisa Alvin 33 months ago in | 0 answers
My son took a drug test by hair and it came back positive for cocaine. I am with him at all times besides school and I believe he has a false positive result.  I see where your body can cause false positive if it produces large amounts of  enzymes. Is this just for urine test?  Whic...
Asked by karla blocker 35 months ago in | 0 answers
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Asked by khan titi 35 months ago in | 0 answers
Asked by rodney cundy 36 months ago in | 0 answers
Last answer by Elenor Mianda 37 months ago: Also refer to Fitness Magazine for more details read more
Asked by Sarah Reyes 40 months ago in | 5 answers
Often people suffer from common allergic symptoms like sneezing, itching, teary eyes, headaches, blocked nose. These symptoms are associated with allergic rhinitis, which are often caused by common mold species like Alternaria, Chlamydia, Penicillium. These common molds are present in household...
Asked by saswati chakraborty 37 months ago in | 0 answers
I have been on Flunil 20 for long and Sildenafil . Can I take sustinex.
Asked by Alok Tholiya 37 months ago in | 0 answers
Last answer by Philippe Morel 39 months ago: Dear Ram,  That is an interesting situation you got yourself into! As you know, for a woman to become pregnant, a sperm from ejeaculated semen must fertilize a her egg. Those eggs are located inside of her vagina, but actual fertilization of the egg only occurs inside of the fallopian tube. Th... read more
Asked by Ram Thapa 39 months ago in | 1 answers
Last answer by cynthia bell 40 months ago: This is an astounding hostile to maturing saturating cream that helps you to dispose of wrinkles and also numerous maturing signs. Get more info :- read more
Asked by cynthia bell 40 months ago in | 1 answers
For shingles, I have read that antiviral should be used within 72 hours of rash.  If there are side effect concerns after 6'days of taking one drug post rash, should a switch be made on day 7 since the other drug is different and has different action and would be too late to stop phn?  Tho...
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My friends are working out and are using steroids to grow their muscles? Are there side effects from those?
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I am a writer, so there are days when I don't feel like writing. Is there a medical solution to it?
Asked by Sarah Reyes 40 months ago in | 0 answers
Last answer by John Ferry 40 months ago: In order to respond to this question, a lot of information is missing. A few questions need to be asked, 1st how old are you? If you  are a young male like around the age of 12-14, you are beginning to produce semen. This is a fluid produced within the prostate and it is mixed with spermatozoa ... read more
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